Our Big Tree Endeavor

15 Aug

Our new yard has some massive trees and we knew they needed some work. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with a certified arborist to talk about our tree issues (and we have lots of them). It is never a good sign when the arborist, while craning his neck to look at a massive tree in your backyard, says- “holy moly that is the biggest white pine I have ever seen.” Plus, we have a sibling of this huge white pine in our front yard. Lucky us.

And, it is partially dead and leaning so it needs to come down. We are taking down three trees, trimming many other trees, grinding some stumps and removing lots of sticks, logs, brush and other vegetation to hopefully clean-up our huge lot. Ah, the joys of new home ownership.

Kerry was talking to one of our new neighbors this morning and found out that one of the trees that use to reside in our backyard, took out our neighbors dining room. Awesome. I am sure they will appreciate the work we are doing the most!

So, stay tuned for our tree removal process. Complete with a huge crane.



2 Responses to “Our Big Tree Endeavor”

  1. Erin August 15, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

    I must say this sounds like a very expensive adventure! I can remember growing up everytime it stormed a tree or branch fell off the willows in the back yard and we were all out there picking up a million sticks. The boys would be so bummed to know they were missing the crane action.

    • kerryandtorey August 16, 2012 at 11:01 am #

      Yes, tree removal is not cheap! But, I will sleep better at night knowing it will not fall on our new house (or take out another part of our neighbor’s house!). I will be sure to take pictures of the crane and send to you all!

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