More House Updates

30 Jul

So we have gotten over our two hurdles on the new house- inspection and appraisal. Inspection and work are complete and the appraisal came in and let us know that we made a good decision! We will be moving mid-August and we have a lot of work to do between now and then.

It is not all hard work, some of it is very fun. Since we are going to have a ton more space, I have been enjoying laying out our new rooms. We have double the bedrooms and living space in general!

I found this app on Better Homes and Gardens where you can design a room. This might be the new layout of our upstairs living room.

Plus, we now have this huge walkout basement with a family room and playroom.

I definitely want to make a chalkboard paint area for Miss H on the back wall. The rest of the family room decor is up to Kerry.

Miss H has now decided she wants a sky blue room over her previous wish for ballerina pink. I am wondering if her opinion will change next week. I have a little bit of time before I tell the painter but I definitely don’t want to end up with the wrong choice.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! If you need something to fill your time, we are taking applications for good packers 🙂


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