New Home Update

22 Jul

After a week of back and forth about items from the inspection, it looks like we really are going to be moving! The plan is to be moved in mid-August and we can’t believe how much we have to do between now and then. But, with some help from professional packers and movers, we will get it all done 🙂

Since we will be more than doubling our living space, we need some new furniture. Miss H had fun testing out all the chairs but the most fun was the old school phone. Kerry and I laughed about how she had no idea what a rotary phone was (or even a phone that had cords). And, this phone had no fancy features or the ability to swipe. She was greatly amused by it as we looked at sample colors. Everyone around us was laughing as she was calling Aunt Leigh, Uncle Chip, Tinkerbell, CInderella, friends from school and various other characters.

We have gotten slightly sentimental about our current home! While we lived here, we have gotten married and had Miss H. Miss H came hone here and learned to roll, crawl, walk, talk and all sorts of other wonderful things in this house. But, it will be nice to create new memories in this new house and it will be nice to have so much space and a big, huge yard.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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