Bounce! Bounce!

15 Jul

We had our new home inspection on Friday and are waiting to hear back from the sellers about a few things. We were easily distracted from the home buying process this weekend because we were so busy with t-ball, my work picnic and two birthday parties.

Our little lefty is a switch hitter. We got a good laugh about her debating which side to hit from every time it was her turn.

After all that excitement, we headed to my over the top work picnic that was at Morven Park in Leesburg.

Besides having hammocks, great food, lots of different drinks, numerous popsicle stands, several bands and misting trees- there was a bunch of kid stuff. Miss H had a blast!

She even agreed to have her face painted.

After some pressure from Miss H, even Kerry participated in the glitter tattoos.

We had no trouble finding the grill.

Kerry got comfortable in the hammocks and enjoyed relaxing. He was a little disappointed that we found his hiding space 🙂

By the time we were leaving, Miss H had several glitter tattoos, more decorations on her face, she had glitter in her hair, had eaten a ton of food and was thoroughly exhausted.

To end the day, we headed to a birthday party at Bounce U in Rockville. Miss H was fully recharged from her nap and our little daredevil had a great time.

Kerry had just as much fun as Miss H on the giant slides. Plus, he spotted the hurricane machine.

We all slept really well after our super busy day. Miss H was thrilled that the birthday party today was at Sport Bounce in Ashburn. She was less than thrilled about the long car ride but liked the destination. More slides and lots of climbing!

Also, she introduced her friends to the hurricane machine.

The party was so fun! And now we need to figure out when we can go bounce again.


That was a busy weekend! Hope everyone’s weekend was fun!

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