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Sunday Hot Sunday

8 Jul

Holy moly it has been hot. My car registered 105 in the shade yesterday. We spent a lot of time inside and the only time we were outside is when we went for an early morning bike ride and to the pool for a late afternoon swim. But, storms are coming in and the weather people are promising it will cool off tomorrow.

Since Kerry is riding his bike regularly as part of his post-surgery rehab, we decided to get the bike attachment for Miss H. We tested out our neighbors who have the closed in one but this one is great because Miss H can see more and she can peddle!

She loves it!

I see lots of family bike rides in our future.

And, here are some more fun photos.

We were slightly impulsive today and put in an offer to buy a house! After months of looking, we finally found something that we really like. Keep your fingers crossed that they like our offer. If they do, we will be moving in mid-August!