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Happy 4th of July!

4 Jul

Since we had a cookout to attend today, I started off the day making a festive 4th of July cake. Miss H helped with the white cake and then we colored the layers blue and red (more like dark pink and aqua but whatever!) and made cream cheese buttercream icing. Finally, we topped it with strawberries. It was a big hit at the cookout!

We made the mistake of telling Miss H about our plans to go see her best friend. We were asked no less than 100 times of it was time to go today. The pool could not even distract her from the desire to get to the cookout. It was finally time to go and we enjoyed a nice cookout while the kids enjoyed the sprinkler, coloring, free trucks, blocks and generally causing chaos.

By the time dinner, dessert and more running around was finished, everyone was exhausted.

We did not make it to the fireworks but they looked lovely on TV. Hope everyone had a nice celebration!