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A Brand New Start

21 Jun

Miss H started preschool yesterday. We left the comfortable, caring, nurturing environment of the daycare provider who had cared for her since she was ittty bitty and it was sad for all of us. I always said that I never worried about Miss H when I was at work because we had been so lucky to find someone that treated her, and us, like a member of the family. For three straight years, I dropped Miss H off to her and for three straight years she got great care. Every single day. She learned to crawl, walk, talk, run and climb in that time period. She loved the exotic foods that were served (and would turn her nose up at some of the bland foods we served). She learned a foreign language. She made best friends there. When Kerry needed surgery, she spent the night there. It was a hard decision for us to leave but we knew that it was time for Miss H to move onto school.

We always say that Miss H does not deal well with change but neither do her parents 🙂 We stressed over if we were making the right decision. We stressed over breaking the news to Miss H that we were going to be heading to a new place. We worried how she would do with a pack of new kids.

So, yesterday was the first day and she did pretty well. She might have done better than Kerry and I! When we all arrived for the first day, there was a moon bounce being set up and she was thrilled. ‘It is a party!’ she told us. She was a little hesitant about the new surroundings but she quickly made friends.

We called to check on her twice and learned that she was a great bouncer, had eaten all her lunch and was sound asleep. I guess Miss H failed to inform them that napping is not something that is part of her daily routine but I guess the newness of it all was exhausting.

When we got home, she talked non-stop about the moonbounce, art projects, new friends, new teachers and all the fun stuff. She was a little hesitant about returning this morning but her new friends were waiting for us and off she went to play.

So, we are off to a brand new start of school. Hopefully, she continues to think it is a party everyday.



Happy Anniversary to Us!

21 Jun

It is that time of year again! Oh, we should make another trip to Sanibel.