Meeting her new teacher

4 Jun

Miss H starts at her new school in a few weeks and since we have already visited the playground, we decided to use this morning to go meet her new teacher. To prepare for this visit, we talked many times yesterday about school, Mrs. D the new teacher, music class, art class, new friends, the playground and how much fun it was going to be.

We got there and she immediately started checking out the room. The kids in the class were very friendly and very curious about their new visitor. Mrs. D introduced her to many of her classmates and allowed her to participate in whatever she wanted. Miss H was thrilled with the paint!

Also, several of her new friends drew pictures for Miss H to ‘take home and remember them.’ It was so sweet to see them bring over their drawings and show Miss H. This picture was of Miss H. I can see the resemblance 🙂

Miss H was still talking about school this evening so hoping our move to the ‘big school’ goes well.

Our little peanut is growing up!

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