Mother’s Day Weekend

14 May

After soccer class yesterday, we decided to go check out the Manassas Air Show. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed ourselves. Miss H loved the school bus we got to ride from the parking lot. That might have been the highlight for her.

There were lots of planes to check out on the ground and plenty flying around. It was the perfect air show for a three year old (and two parents who worry about losing said three year old in crowds) because it was not too crowded, too big or too loud. Miss H liked her seat in the helicopter.


It was a really fun air show and if they have it again next year, we will probably check it out again!

On Sunday, I was surprised with a manicure, pedicure and some really nice lotion. This combined with my hanging basket from last weekend made for a great start to the day. We enjoyed our neighborhood farmer’s market, time at the park, lunch with Mom, some open houses and a trip to Target.

It was a great Mother’s Day weekend for me and hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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