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Lots of fresh air!

6 May

Before I start posting about our weekend, here are the birthday pictures I promised.

Kerry and Miss H with his presents. She so badly wanted to unwrap the first present but she decided that Daddy should be allowed to open the first one.

For some reason, he thought I was getting him a book. The iPad was a total surprise. By his expression, I think he was surprised.

Miss H was disappointed in only having three boxes to unwrap.

But, then it was on to singing, candles and cake.

She was a huge help in with the candles.

She made certain that we all knew that Daddy had missed a candle.

We were supposed to go to the beach this weekend but on Thursday, I started having weird foot pain. By Friday morning, it seemed it was not going to go away on its own so I had to go to the doctor. After some x-rays, it was determined that I either have a fracture (that is not showing up on the x-rays just yet) or a Morton’s Neuroma. So, I got treated with some steroid shots and have a follow-up next week to see if anything has changed. Whatever the foot problem turns into, it hurts and my walking is greatly impacted. So, we postponed our beach trip.

We did not want the weekend to totally be about icing and elevating my foot so we started off our Saturday with soccer. Miss H’s coach decided to play t-ball for the first part of class and all the kids had so much fun. And, Miss H made contact with almost every ball and they were going far. She was so proud of herself!

Then, it was time at the park with friends, a trip to the mall for a haircut, more playground, lunch, Dairy Queen, and then home.

We decided on a Japanese Steak House and Miss H loved that they cooked right at the table. The fire, the egg tossing, the onion volcano and all the food were a huge hit. Kerry and I just laughed at her reaction to it all. She even tried to catch the shrimp that was being tossed to everyone. No pictures, but trust me it was fun.

Today, it was more time outside. Our awesome neighborhood farmer’s market opened and we loved seeing our favorite vendors. Somehow, Miss H remembered the ‘apple guy’ and was intently looking for a scone. She found both and she ate her way through the farmer’s market. We met up with some friends and did another loop through so we could get pinwheels and flowers for everyone. Then, Miss H led the way to the playground. Everyone was sad when it was time to go but we needed to go meet Aunt Leigh and Mom to pick strawberries.

Leigh discovered Shlagel Farms and we all had a great time. The strawberries were delicious and it was fun to find them on the vines. Miss H was busy finding only the ‘really red ones.’

We all picked a fair amount of berries to take home and share with friends.

The farm had chickens, a bunch of other fresh vegetables, hanging baskets (I got an early Mother’s Day gift), a playground and a big sand pile that Miss H was loving.

We even managed to get some fun pictures.

After all this fresh air, we were all exhausted. Miss H was so exhausted, that after dinner, she literally toppled into sleep while sitting on the couch. I guess we succeeded in wearing her out today 🙂 Hope everyone had a great weekend.