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A Visit to Oxon Hill Farm

29 Apr

Who knew a great little farm was so close to our house! Oxon Cove Park and Oxon Hill Farmare part of the National Park Service and they are a short trip across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge from us. Miss H got to see cows, pigs, chickens, one mean turkey, goats, horses and made friends with the farm cat.

The weather was perfect today so we knew we wanted to be outside and this was a perfect little trip. Best of all, it is totally free 🙂

Miss H first noticed the cows and tried to convince them to come over to the fence. “Here Mr. Cow, cow, cow…,” did not seem to be that intriguing to the cows so they continue to be lazy in the pasture.

Next, we found the chickens and the big, ugly, mean turkey. He must have been having an especially bad day because he kept puffing his feather at everyone. I am sure Miss H laughing at this display did not help his mood.

She quickly became distracted by the three pigs close by. Also, we stumbled onto a ranger program for the kids. She was gathering up all the fresh eggs from the chickens and then they became the treat for the pigs. Miss H loved seeing a pig eat a whole egg.

I think her favorite farm animal was the cat. I even heard Kerry promise her a cat when we move. Hmmmm…..

Her calling to the donkey actually worked and he came over to greet us by the fence.

After all that hard work, it was time to relax on the porch.

The farm was definitely a fun little way to spend the morning! I am sure we will be heading back there again.

After all this running around, we headed to lunch with Mom. We spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and getting ready for the week. It must have been an exhausting day for Miss H because she was asleep by 6pm! Hope everyone had a great weekend.