Trucks, and more trucks

14 Apr

We are really getting spoiled with all the nice weather and since Kerry is feeling better everyday- we are taking advantage of both.

Saturdays now start with soccer class and a trip to the park after. Soccer was just as much fun this week as last! The only hard part is that the park across the street is very distracting. Miss H has a hard time choosing the location that is most fun but since the playground is not going anywhere, we convinced her to finish class before running over to the swings and slides.

To burn some more energy off, we headed over to the ‘Touch-a-Truck’ event in Fairfax. When we arrived, a helicopter was circling over head and Miss H was frantically trying to get their attention. So, while we were in line, the helicopter landed right near us and it was thrilling. No pictures because we were blocking dirt and wind 🙂

The event had a whole selection of vehicles but Miss H liked the flatbed tow truck that doubled as a slide.

Surprisingly, she agreed to have her face painted but that was short lived once she realized she had stuff on her face. Luckily, it comes right off and all was well with the world again.


Plus, she got to drive.


After all the excitement of fire trucks, a school bus, more tow trucks, a mobile vet clinic and other fun- it was time for lunch. Miss H immediately noticed the ‘funny frogs’ on the sign for Sweet Frog frozen yogurt. With our great parenting skills, we promised that if she behaved during lunch we would go to ‘funny frog.’ I think they have a new #1 customer. That stuff is yummy!


We spent more time outside this afternoon and we should all sleep well tonight.

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