Happy Easter!

8 Apr

Miss H was thrilled that the Easter Bunny arrived in the middle of the night and not only left tons of gifts but hid some eggs around the house. She was spoiled with a new ballet Barbie, a jump rope, a new ball, a hopping chick and egg, some candy (not chocolate), a new plate and cup, ducks for the tub, a basket and many, many eggs. Also, Grandmom spoiled her with some new clothes!

She had fun finding the eggs but we thought we knew how many eggs the Eater Bunny hid but we found a few more this evening. Well, I guess when we move we might be surprised with some more!

Mom and I went to church at Grace Episcopal in Alexandria and since the weather continues to be great, we decided a picnic was in order. Off to Burke Lake Park again!

Today, the train and carousel were running and Miss H enjoyed both.


Also, we enjoyed the playground, ice cream, a picnic and generally the nice weather. Plus, we fed some pretty eager (and territorial) geese and ducks.

Kerry was not feeling so great after all this activity so we headed home. I think we keep forgetting that just a few weeks ago, he had major surgery.

When we got home, we enjoyed some time in our neighbors jeep. He was nice enough to let Miss H drive.

Even with all this activity, somehow, I was the only one who got a nap. But, now, the house is quiet and everyone but me is sleeping.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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