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Happy Easter!

8 Apr

Miss H was thrilled that the Easter Bunny arrived in the middle of the night and not only left tons of gifts but hid some eggs around the house. She was spoiled with a new ballet Barbie, a jump rope, a new ball, a hopping chick and egg, some candy (not chocolate), a new plate and cup, ducks for the tub, a basket and many, many eggs. Also, Grandmom spoiled her with some new clothes!

She had fun finding the eggs but we thought we knew how many eggs the Eater Bunny hid but we found a few more this evening. Well, I guess when we move we might be surprised with some more!

Mom and I went to church at Grace Episcopal in Alexandria and since the weather continues to be great, we decided a picnic was in order. Off to Burke Lake Park again!

Today, the train and carousel were running and Miss H enjoyed both.


Also, we enjoyed the playground, ice cream, a picnic and generally the nice weather. Plus, we fed some pretty eager (and territorial) geese and ducks.

Kerry was not feeling so great after all this activity so we headed home. I think we keep forgetting that just a few weeks ago, he had major surgery.

When we got home, we enjoyed some time in our neighbors jeep. He was nice enough to let Miss H drive.

Even with all this activity, somehow, I was the only one who got a nap. But, now, the house is quiet and everyone but me is sleeping.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Easter Eve

8 Apr

After our busy morning of soccer, it was off to run some errands and then home to dye eggs. This was a very serious art project.

Grandmom helped with color selection and decorating.

Miss H was very creative with the stickers on her eggs too. The eggs designated for Kerry were orange and had football, baseball and basketball stickers. While, Miss H put soccer balls stickers on her purple eggs. Me and Grandmom got the rest of the colors and had flowers and rocket ships 🙂

The Hirshhorn Museum has a new installation art piece that makes the outside of the circular museum the perfect movie screen. Since the weather was so nice, we decided to head down to the Mall to see the ‘movie’ and burn off more energy from Miss H. The exhibit starts at dark so we had some time to explore the sculputure garden. Mom taught Miss H to throw coins over her shoulder and make a wish. I thought this was skill was primarily for the Trevi Fountain but I guess it works for any fountain. Miss H loves her new over the shoulder coin tossing skill.

Also, she liked all the scupltures that were ‘houses.’

(If you look closely, you can see me taking the picture and Miss H running in the reflection)

Or, ones that had toes. After this picture, we noticed the sign about no touching the art so we ceased touching the art- even though, someone desperately wanted to touch all the art.

After a ride on the Mall carousel (no pictures), it was time for the movie to start.

We all thought it was cool. So, definitely take a trip to see it!