Officially a Soccer Mom

7 Apr


Miss H started soccer today in a local class for the 3 year old set. She had a blast! And, did really well with kicking the ball around.


‘Coach’ made certain that all the kids knew the first rule of soccer was ‘no hands,’ and the second rule was to ‘have fun.’ The first skills activity was putting the ball on the ‘volcano’ and patiently waiting for the signal to kick it down the field. To our surprise, all the kids waited for the signal. And, off they went to score goals. Then, it was time to knock down cones with the ball. Miss H would knock down a cone and very nicely stand it back up for her new friends 🙂

One of my co-workers has her daughter in the class so we took the kids (and husbands) to the park across the street to burn some more energy.


Miss H is excited for ‘more soccer!’

One Response to “Officially a Soccer Mom”

  1. rossandkathy April 7, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    And next comes the Mini Van…

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