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Weekends are getting back to normal

1 Apr

Kerry is feeling much better and we are slowly getting back to our normal weekend adventures. The doctor has ordered that he needs to step up his activity level so we had a lot of walking this weekend.

Yesterday, after breakfast at IHOP, we headed to Burke Lake Park for time on the playground and a walk around the lake. Miss H loved the playground and was quick to make friends with another 3 year old.

She made friends with some geese too. I think they thought we had food.

Before we realized it, we had spent several hours at the park and we all enjoyed the fresh air.

Next on the agenda was a much needed haircut for Miss H. So after the park, we headed to our favorite spot and after being bribed with a wind-up lobster and the promise of a pretzel, she fully cooperated. Of course, the pretzel place was near the mall play area (Kerry has nicknamed it the ‘pit of despair,’) so it was more running around.

Mom came to visit after Miss H’s haircut and we drove into Georgetown for some shopping. My favorite catalog now had a store right on M Street. Both of us found some new spring clothes 🙂 And, we found Miss H some new clothes too.

Then today, we met up with friends at one of our local playgrounds and enjoyed the nice weather.


Since there were four kids in our group, the adults actually got to sit around while them kids burned some serious energy. We spent almost three hours there and everyone was exhausted by the time we left. Each one of them had sad faces as we left and wanted to meet up ‘tomorrow.’

And, while I was at the gym, Kerry and Miss H enjoyed time in the stroller. No
jogging but a nice long walk and Miss H actually stayed in the stroller.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!