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Yeah for Preschool!

29 Mar

After our initial interviews last month at preschool, I got a little nervous about our only applying to one highly competitive preschool program. We had no Plan B set up and that started to make both of us nervous. Knowing that most of the full-day programs had admissions deadlines, I started checking out other options. Most I did not like but there was one that I found that was as nice as our first choice. So, we applied.

Last week, we got good news and okay news. We got into the second school and were wait listed at the first school. The admissions director of the first school was nice to tell us personally that they really wanted Miss H but they had so many rising students who were staying plus siblings that the slots were full. There is a chance that there will be a slot that opens for her but we decided to not get our hopes up.

So, we went back to school number two. It was friendly, warm, the kids seem happy, the teachers have been there forever and the space is really nice. Besides the Montessori program, they have yoga, music class, field trips and a great playground. Miss H was even offered a slot in the summer camp that looks like great fun with swimming, music, moon bounces and soccer. Kerry and I joked that we wanted to go to camp for the summer.

After our second visit to school number two, we decided that this was the right place for Miss H and we put down our tuition deposit. Yeah for preschool!