First trip to the dentist!

24 Mar

Miss H made her first trip to the dentist and she got a A+! We were both a little nervous about how she would react and what exactly the dentist was going to do. We started talking about our fun trip to the dentist and how she might count her teeth, brush her teeth or possibly take pictures of her teeth. Miss H seemed generally interested in this whole adventure so off we went.

The office is super nice and kid friendly! The staff welcomed us all and showed Miss H around. First thing on Miss H’s agenda was to confirm they had a bathroom. She loved that they had a front loading washer and dryer in the same space.

Miss H did not want to sit on the dental chair but she happily sat on my lap and let her teeth be cleaned. All 20 teeth got cleaned! She thought it tickled 🙂

Her name got added to the ‘no cavity club’ and we have another appointment in the fall. If you are looking for a dentist for kids- this place is great!


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