The Big Three Today!

22 Mar

Miss H is three today! We started off our morning opening presents and she was thrilled with her loot. She got musical instruments, a bowling set, a Cinderella dress, a princess purse, an ABC puzzle plus a print from her favorite show (the Octonauts in case you were curious). Dad and Kathy sent some awesome new Lincoln Logs and Kerry’s dad spoiled her with new clothes and a crisp $20 bill.

Aunt Leigh sent ‘Trunki’ the rolling tiger suit case. Miss H is now riding him around the house.

Grandmom will arrive this weekend with more birthday gifts! Miss H has informed us many times this week that ‘Grandmom is bringing me a polar bear and a pink penguin.’ And, these new pets are going to live at the ‘lake with the turtles and frogs.’

And, since it is her birthday, we got Dairy Queen before we had dinner 🙂


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