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Hello, Mr. Winter

13 Feb

We have been spoiled by the unseasonably warm weather this winter but Mr.Winter decided to arrive this weekend. I would be happy if he would leave soon. Or, just veer a little farther north.

Leigh planned a spa day at Lansdowne Resort this weekend and we had a really nice time. Mom, Leigh and I arrived early Saturday morning to be pampered with massages, pedicures and manicures. I think my favorite part was my feet being soaked in paraffin and the fact that I read my book uninterrupted for a whole hour.  After our pampering sessions, we headed to Leesburg for some shopping. Leigh had found Le Reve Bridal online and was a little hesitant to stop by but this place was SO nice. We arrived without an appointment and they were so happy to help her find a bridal headband. The store was super cute and they had a great selection. She found a beautiful headband that will look great with her dress.  If you need anything bridal, definitely stop by here!

Then, we headed to the outlets. I had heard on the radio when we were driving to Leesburg that an ‘arctic chill’ would be arriving. Well, it arrived as we were standing in one of the stores. Suddenly, our calm weather turned into a total windy, snowy, white out. Luckily we were inside because people and their bags were being blown all around. It lasted for about 15 minutes and then the clear skies returned but the change in temperature was drastic. And, it has not warmed up yet.

While I was shopping and getting pampered, Kerry and Miss H were enjoying gymnastics, getting a haircut, time at the mall play area, and eating pretzels. That was the run down I got from her on Sunday. When I arrived home on Saturday night, I found her like this on our living room floor.

She must have been exhausted from her day with Daddy because she never just collapses.