A Two Birthday Weekend

5 Feb

Mom’s birthday is later this week so we headed to Annapolis on Saturday for presents and lunch. Miss H was expecting Grandmom to have the ‘bear bus’ at her house because she now thinks that happens for everyone’s birthday. Kerry and I tried to explain several times that there would be no bus but she was not convinced. To her, it was a party and there would be a bus.

She was very excited to give Grandmom her presents. So excited, that she told her what was in the box (with a full bunny-hop demo since part of her gift was a bunny dish) and then unwrapped it for her. Luckily, Mom thought it was funny.

We got some yummy pizza for lunch and gelato for birthday dessert. It was all really good!

Mom discovered this new kids haircut place (Pigtails and Crewcuts) but the wait was way over an hour so once again Miss H has not gotten her hair cut. Her bangs are so long and she has refused to cooperate the last two times we have been to our normal location. We might have to take a trip to Annapolis (and make an appointment) because they had airplane chairs that she might sit in for her bangs to be trimmed.

We headed back home to make lasagna and cupcakes since we were having friends for dinner.

Then today, it was another birthday party! This time we headed to the National Zoo for a party at the Rainforest Room. Miss H did a great job of convincing everyone that we had failed to feed her before we arrived. She managed to eat every raspberry and blackberry available plus a bagel.

All the kids got a safari hat but Miss H insisted that Kerry wear the hat.

We all got a tour of the Amazonia area and got to see lots of frogs, snakes, fish and stingrays.

Miss H loved all the fish. Well, except for the piranha that head butted the glass when Miss H had her face to close to the glass. I was trying to prevent her from beating on the glass so I did not get a picture but she quickly pointed her finger at him and said, ‘bad fish!’ Lucky, there was thick glass between the two of them.

We went into the rainforest and got to see birds, monkeys and more reptiles. Then it was time for cake! We all had a great time at the party and the zoo and I would definitely recommend booking a party there. The staff was great with the kids and all the kids had a great time.

On our trek back to the car, we hung out with the cheetahs for a few minutes.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 




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