The Preschool Interview, Part 1

2 Feb

Kerry and I had the official parent interview at the potential preschool this morning. We were there for almost two hours and we both think we passed. On a comical note, we answered a question in unison twice. This prompted a laugh by the Admissions Director and a funny comment about ‘how long have you been married?’

We were asked about Miss H and her positives and negatives. We were honest about both.

Kerry started out a little disgruntled about the parking situation and the slightly inconvenient location but he made a complete turn around. He liked the school, the staff and was impressed with what he saw the kids learning. He liked the big maps on the wall and the mixed age groups. We were both impressed with the math materials and that the kids who would potentially be in Miss H’s class were getting the math concepts. We laughed that many kids had obviously dressed themselves and Miss H would fit right in with some of her creative selections.

We liked seeing the artwork hung up all over the place. They were practicing for an upcoming musical that the whole school was involved in. It seems like a great environment and hopefully we get accepted. The preschool interview, part 2 will be next week when Miss H goes for her visit.

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