Who Knew the Grocery Store Could Entertain?

1 Feb

When Miss H was little, we did not take her to the grocery store because she never liked those wearable baby carriers and her carseat took up the whole cart. And, I enjoyed the alone time wandering the aisles. Kerry enjoyed it too. Once, we were both giving reasons why it was our turn to go to the grocery store. Who knew a trip to the grocery store was the ultimate luxury when there was a baby at home?

Then, as she got older, we did not take her to the grocery store because she did not like to sit in the seat and it was no fun to try and chase a very quick toddler around and grocery shop at the same time. So, once again, the grocery store was quiet time.

A few weeks ago, Mom was visiting and wanted to stop by the grocery store to grab some potatoes that they don’t carry at her local grocer. We had Miss H with us and I figured two adults could handle her as we ran into get potatoes. One of those carts that are made for children that have a steering wheel and the option to sit facing forward was among the carts so I decided to see if Miss H would possibly sit and ride along. She thought it was the coolest thing to practice her Miss America wave and beep at the other shoppers. Laughing all the way.

Now, we get asked daily if we can go to the grocery store and ride in the car cart. We went at least twice last week, once over the weekend, on Monday and today. The novelty is not wearing off. And, I have crossed one grocery store off our list because they only have one car cart. Our other grocery store has many different versions of the kid-friendly carts. They are not easy to steer but, she is so happy.

One Response to “Who Knew the Grocery Store Could Entertain?”

  1. Erin February 2, 2012 at 10:08 am #

    C loves those, too! BUT it becomes a complete and utter tragedy if all of the fun carts are gone. And God forbid he is forced in to a regular cart and then later sees a kid in a fun cart.

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