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Happy Birthday to Leigh and…

25 Feb

Our illness woes!

First, happy birthday to Aunt Leigh! We had grand plans for brunch and I even purchased a fancy cake but Miss H had different plans.

Friday afternoon, I went to pick Miss H up because Kerry had left work early because he was not feeling well. She seemed totally normal but we got in the car and within minutes she announced she needed ‘to burp.’

Well, it was not just a burp. And, it was all over her and my car. I called Kerry to let him know that someone did not feel well and I needed some cleaning supplies. While I got Miss H cleaned up, he cleaned my car. The rest of the evening was more of the same.

I started off the week with a trip to urgent care for bad asthma symptoms and we were ending the week with the other two members of our household feeling like crud.

Today, no one feels any better 😦

Aunt Leigh- we hope you have a great birthday! We totally understand why you have avoided us. We have your presents and just so you know, the cake is delicious!


Happy Wednesday!

22 Feb

I am not sure what we have been up to for the last week but I have completely neglected my blogging. And, I have failed miserably at taking pictures lately because someone will go hide when I pull the camera out. So now, I take pictures of her sleeping.

Recently, she has started sleeping in the bed we bought several months ago but last night, she opted for the sleeping bag she got for Christmas from Grandmom. So, back on the floor by the door. I am glad that both of us take a laissez-faire approach to the whole sleeping in the bed because otherwise we would be exhausted, and sadly disappointed in our utter failure to have her sleep on a mattress. Last night, as I was tucking her into sleep, she reminisced about her ‘soft green sheet,’ and her ‘other bed.’ Seven months later and she is still talking about her crib! Hopefully we have not scared her for life.

If you need a recap of our bed failure, here are the links: we purchased the bed in October. We got rid of her crib the second time in May (and here is the first time ).

Otherwise, all is well on the home front.