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Start of the Year Visit from South Dakota

9 Jan

Dad arrived on Wednesday afternoon from South Dakota. Since Tuesday was his birthday, we made a stop by Buzz Bakery for some yummy cupcakes.

He had already gotten into them before the picture 🙂

Just for the record, Miss H ‘does not like chocolate’ but she really likes ‘the brown icing.’ None of us could convince her that the brown was chocolate. You know, because she ‘does not like chocolate.’

Dad kept busy on Thursday by going to visit friends in Baltimore. We laughed because it was a total roll reversal- he dropped me off at work and took my car for the day. Then on Friday, he spent the day with Leigh and they checked off a few wedding related things off the list.

Dad got some photos at gymnastics class on Saturday that I will have to post later. Since the weather was so nice, we headed to the National Arboretum to enjoy the weather and see the koi. However, no feeding the koi in the fall and winter but they were still pretty friendly.

We enjoyed a nice walk around the grounds until my allergies were killing me and Miss H decided she needed apple juice and wanted to go home. Leigh and Chip joined us for a yummy dinner and birthday cake. Miss H liked the ‘pink cake’ but was curious about there being no ‘brown cake.’ She reminded all of us a few times over the evening about her disdain for chocolate.

Since Sunday was just as nice as Saturday, we headed over to Fort Washington to meet up with Leigh and enjoy the nice weather. [Note: click here to see the last time we were at Fort Washington. Miss H was tiny!]

The fort was basically empty so Miss H got to run all over. Plus, she needed to make sure the cannons were empty.

The old storage bunker mounds were very fun to climb up and slide down. Leigh tried to show her how to avoid mud and grass stains but she liked her way better.

We have learned in the last few weeks that Miss H enjoys having her picture taken when we use the self-timer. So, we had some fun getting pictures.

Oh, I look like my allergies are bothering me.

And, Kerry has his eyes closed but Miss H was having so much fun.

Dad left this morning and he is already back at home. We had a great visit and Miss H has been asking, ‘where did he go?’

He left just before the snow started to fall!