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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

We had a great Christmas! We were a little unsure how all the excitement, family, presents, food, new routine, new toys and just general craziness would be handled by Miss H but she was perfect today.

We were all spoiled with wonderful gifts! I got a beautiful necklace from Kerry plus a new fleece, running clothes, sweaters, a leather jacket, ear muffs, two fun bracelets, chocolates and many other treats. I surprised Kerry with the Xbox plus more practical things like shirts and ties 🙂 Also, he got Xbox games, Xbox headphones, a bike light, pajamas pants, a hooded sweatshirt, books and all sorts of other things.

Miss H got spoiled by everybody. She enjoyed opening one gift at a time and then playing with whatever was inside. This unexpected extended gift unwrapping lasted from breakfast through lunch.

She got a sleeping bag for herself and a mini one for her baby.

Plus, books, markers, crayons, paper, scribble pad, snow pants, blocks, Lincoln Logs and a Dora doll.

Then, Leigh arrived with a big box.

The twins were a big hit.

Also, she discovered if she dipped her foot into the water- the footprints she could make on the Aquadoodle mat were ‘SO pretty!’

We got one family photo with everyone smiling.

We tried to get another one but someone was sitting on the floor. Can you spot the top of her head?

We were all so tired by the end of the day but not so tired that we were not laughing at wearing the Mr. Potato Head mustache.

Merry Christmas to all! Sleep tight!


Christmas Eve Trip to the Falls

25 Dec

We spent part of Christmas Eve at Great Falls! It was a great day to walk to the falls- the weather was beautiful and the place was almost empty.

And, Miss H actually kept on her hat and gloves the whole time we were there. A true Christmas miracle 🙂

Kerry’s dad loved the falls and we are both slightly embarassed that we have not taken him there before.

We made our way back towards the car and decided to stop in the gift shop. Miss H liked the checkers game but was convinced the pieces were for stacking and knocking down.

She even tried to explain the rules to Dad.

After all that fresh air, we headed home for lunch and to wait for Mom to arrive. Santa and Grandmom arriving on Saturday were equally exciting.

The tree was filled to the brim.