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Bitten by the bug

14 Dec

The stomach bug that is. Miss H’s day did not start off so great yesterday but by last night it had greatly improved. I will spare you all the details but she had her first bout with stomach issues. And, I am still fighting the cold that she gave me two weeks ago.

We spent a lot of yesterday watching TV, laying on the floor and eating popsicles. The Zoku popsicle maker comes in handy on days like this!

By later in the afternoon, the illness seemed to have subsided and life was back to normal. I was a little nervous earlier in the day when I had called the pediatrician and they had said, ‘this could last for two weeks’ Thankfully it did not and life has returned to normal.

The pediatrician mentioned that this bug was ‘running rampant’ through the area so hope you all stay healthy and bug free!