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Warhol, Art and Cookies

11 Dec

While Kerry was helping out with the wreaths at Arlington, I was negotiating on how many Kleenex it would take to clear out Miss H’s congested nose. She claimed it would be a whole box because, “it’s really full.” She was so concerned about the need for Kleenex that I have been walking around with a box in my bag.

Then it was off to gymnastics for running around and bouncing on the trampolines. Class was a little stressful because they mixed up the usual order and the balance beam (favorite part) got demoted to last. Someone was not a happy camper about the whole switcharoo but we survived.

I spent my Saturday afternoon catching up with friends at an annual cookie party. My week was so busy that I ended up not making cookies and just bringing an appetizer. Luckily, there were extra cookies to take home. The cookies were all delicious but Miss H only found a few she liked.

“I don’t like chocolate,” she repeated over and over as she sorted through my cookie loot. Looking at me like I should not have bought home the chocolate ones. She did not quite grasp my explanation that the best cookies have chocolate in them and that she was totally missing out on the delicious goodness. Somehow I ended up with a husband and daughter who don’t like chocolate. Oh well, more for me.

One of her favorite activities is just sitting at her easel and drawing. It is pretty cute to watch. She so intently draws and talks about the colors.20111211-204343.jpg

Mom came up to visit today and we first went to Shirlington to get some olive oil from Ah Love Oil. This place is fantastic! After a trip to the park and lunch, we dropped Miss H back at home and we went to see the two Warhol exhibits downtown. The first was Shadows at the Hirshhorn and the second was Headlines at the National Gallery of Art. Our favorite was definitely the Hirshorn because the colors are so great. And, the paint was applied with a mop 🙂

I still love the Alexander Calder mobile at the National Gallery of Art.


Now, I am exhausted. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wreaths at Arlington

11 Dec

Kerry joined some friends for the Wreaths Across America event at Arlington Cemetery on Saturday morning. Over 80,000 wreaths were placed on the headstones at Arlington and similar events were going on around the country at the same time.

Two of my favorite veterans, helping out other veterans.

I think as Miss H gets a little older that this will become one of our yearly traditions.