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The End of the Year

31 Dec

It has been quite a year! I need to work on my yearly round up post but for now I will just fill you in on what we did this week.

Grandpa left on Tuesday morning and then Miss H and I headed to Annapolis to see a high school friend and then went out with Mom. My friend from high school has two kids, a daughter close to Miss H and a son who is only five weeks old. We had fun catching up with them and Miss H made a new friend. It is fun to see Miss H play with my friend’s kids! We hung out with them for part of the morning and then it was nap time at their house.

Every time we go to Annapolis, Miss H remembers the train at the mall. So, off we went to ride the train. Waiting at the station with Grandmom…

Besides riding the train, we did a little shopping, played on the slides and ate some yummy gelato. It was a great way to spend a rainy Tuesday!

Wednesday we took the tree down and I can’t remember what else we did. I think we ran errands all day.

Thursday, we had a play date with a friend who lives close by. Miss H was so excited to go over to Hunter’s house and Hunter was equally excited to see her. They played with his new train, cars, crayons and markers while Amber and I caught up about the holidays and enjoyed coffee. The best part was the hats they dug out. Not sure how we got them to pose the same.

Miss H seems to like her picture taken now after months of saying, “NO pictures!!”

On Friday, we needed to go to my office to utilize the copier and printer 🙂 Miss H had fun drawing, meeting some of my co-workers and getting several snacks, cereal and juice in our kitchen. We only intended to be there for a few minutes but it turned in to 90.

We are still having unseasonably warm weather so after the office visit, we headed over to Roosevelt Island to burn some more energy.


It is a great place for picking up sticks, digging for rocks and Miss H claims that it is a ‘jungle.’

Finally, today was a trip to the zoo because the weather was still great. And, 60 degrees seems to be the perfect weather for the zoo because all the animals were out. Miss H spotted a cow at the petting zoo and immediately was impressed with our selection of places to visit.

Plus, they had donkeys.

Next, we headed to see if we could get a glimpse of any of the lions or tigers and we were lucky because they were all out. The big cats were just lounging around and had a nice size audience.

We saw gorillas (plus a baby), a dragon (Komodo), lots of types of invertabraes, prairie dogs, zebras and a big elephant. The elephant seemed to like his audience because he came right up to the fence.

All the walking at the zoo made someone really tired. We got our first nap in months!

Tonight, we enjoyed a nice lasagna dinner and will be asleep when the calendar changes over to the new year. Hope everyone had a great 2011 and best wishes for 2012!


Harpers Ferry

27 Dec

As promised, here is my full update about Harpers Ferry.  It was an easy drive from Alexandria (and Kerry’s dad was impressed with us being in Virginia, having DC off to our right, being in Maryland, then back into Virginia and then West Virginia in a short 70 minute period of time).  Harpers Ferry was relatively empty but it was perfect weather for sightseeing.

Miss H liked the ‘big bridge’ across the river.

Then, she saw a train and that was SO exciting. However, I don’t think she realized how loud it was going to be. This upfront and personal encounter with a loud train has been the topic of conversation many times today. Luckily, Thomas and his friends on our track at home are not as loud.

Miss H could not get off that bridge quick enough and was very happy to be back on the sidewalk.

Kerry and Grandpa read the signs while Miss H dug for rocks.

Kerry had to ham it up a little.

I could not seem to get all of them to look at the camera.

Then it was off to climb the steps. Miss H did really well on all the steps but then realized it was a perfect opportunity to get a ride.

The view was great from the top.

Kerry had to make sure we were going in the right direction.

We had a great time wandering around and Grandpa gave Miss H the opportunity to pick out our lunch spot. We talked about pizza and cheeseburgers and pasta and she decided on, “MCDONALDS!” So, that is where we headed. I think she informed everyone that we saw on our walk back to the car where we were going to lunch. Parenting award of the year for us 🙂

Every day on my way to work, I pass the Air Force Memorial and I am embarassed to say that I have never stopped by. On the way home, we decided to stop by and it was really cool.

There is a great view of the city too.

After a full day of running around, it was the perfect time to curl up with a book.

Grandpa headed back home today after breakfast. We miss him already!