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It has been record breaking beautiful weather!

27 Nov

It has been beautiful for the last few days and we have taken full advantage of the nice weather! Thanksgiving Day we had the windows open, Friday we shopped in Old Town, Saturday we enjoyed more sunshine and today we headed into DC to walk around the monuments.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we invited our neighbors who are originally from Poland over to share the feast with me, Kerry, Miss H and Mom. Miss H loves to play with their son and it was great to have them at our table. Plus, they bought a delicious apple cake that went along well with our meal.

Mom has started a Thanksgiving tradition of making Miss H a headress to wear for the occassion and this years was very cool. Miss H had to get up close and personal to show it to me as I tried to take a picture.

We tried to convince her that they were feathers but she was convinced they were leaves so leaves it is.

Also, she was a big help with making green bean casserole. Mom now is an expert at cooking with a toddler helper 🙂

Thanksgiving was great and we had enough leftovers for several days.

Mom and I decided to avoid the mall crowds and enjoy the nice weather by shopping in Old Town. There are some great shops along King Street and everyone was so nice! Plus, there were no huge crowds and we got lots of attention in every store we went in. We both knocked some items off our holiday lists and enjoyed the great weather and friendly faces.  Kerry, on the other hand, decided to take Miss H to Target, REI and hh Gregg. He claims that they were not too crowded but Miss H was not the easiest of shopping partners. I  think there was way too much for her to see, touch and be overwhelmed by! But, they wrapped up their shopping with lunch at McDonald’s.

Saturday started off with gymnastics and then Kerry and I went to a baptism and late lunch to celebrate the baptism while Miss H enjoyed time with her friends at the park and eating pizza.

Since this beautiful weather is certain to return to normal soon (notice Kerry in shorts), we headed to DC this morning to wander around the memorials and enjoy the sunshine. We started off by the Vietnam Memorial and then headed over to the World War II Memorial.

Since neither of us had visited the new Martin Luther King Memorial, we added that to our memorial visits this morning. Along the way, we stopped at the World War I Memorial.

Then it was across the street to the MLK Memorial.

While we were at Lincoln Memorial, we saw horses from a distance so we had to go check them out. I think they were the highlight. One horse really liked Miss H! I guess she smelled good because he lifted her shirt up and sniffed her belly. Miss H was a little stunned by this whole event but eventually laughed it off.

After all this history, we were all exhausted and needed lunch.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

On the agenda this week- Christmas tree and lots of decorations. Stay tuned.

Back from Boston and more of a busy week

20 Nov

After we got home from our weekend in Williamsburg, I headed to Boston for a few days of work. Luckily, it was an easy flight and the weather was  really nice. I did not to get to enjoy much of the nice weather but the little bit of walking around I did was lovely. Too bad when I travel for work that it actually involves working 🙂

Miss H loves to talk about dragons. They are all friendly, they can fly and they are exotic colors like pink, purple and yellow.  And, most importantly they live on our roof. I did find a cute book about dragons (all friendly) while in Boston and it is now the favorite bedtime book.

When the weekend finally arrived, we did not slow down! Saturday was filled with gymnastics, a trip to REI (a.k.a.- kids wonderland of bikes), a trip to the park and a birthday party. Miss H and I were both so exhausted by Saturday evening that we both fell asleep before 7pm. Kerry claims I might have even fallen asleep before Miss H.

Today, we went to visit Mom in Annapolis. Kerry fixed a few things around her house while Miss H played with the neighborhood kids who were having fun raking up the leaves and jumping into the piles. Plus, they had toys that she could borrow. Mom got to drive her around and around.

After all the hard work, we enjoyed a nice lunch at Harris Crab House. We even got Miss H to eat a raw oyster and after she announced with a big smile, “I like it.”