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Snow, llamas and waterfalls

30 Oct

I was shocked when the snowflakes started falling yesterday. The weatherman was actually right. Miss H was a big fan of the snowflakes and loved being able to put on her hat, gloves and coat. I think she is immune to the cold tempertures. Our roof top was white this morning but otherwise no remnants left of a cold, windy, snowy and icy Saturday. Luckily, today was beautiful!

Kerry’s c o-worker owns a llama farm in rural Virginia and she invited us out to meet the growing group of 50+ creatures. A baby was born last weekend and she thought more would arrive this weekend. Her farm was so cool and Miss H had a great time with the llamas.

They were all really calm and interested in Miss H.

Seeing the baby llama was a highlight for all of us. (Fact of the day: the baby llama weighs more than Miss H).

Baby llama and her mama.

They all had really long eyelashes and adorable faces.

We were so impressed with how calm they all were. We all got a chance to pet them (and some of them did not want us to stop petting them).

We became really popular when it was lunch time. They heard there food being put out and we were instantly surrounded.

Learning about and seeing llamas up close was a great way to spend a Sunday!

Before we left to go see the llamas, we mentioned going to Great Falls and enjoying the nice weather. Miss H would not let us forget about the ‘waterfalls’ so we detoured by the park on the way home. We decided to visit the Maryland side this time.

Miss H liked running down the paths and over the bridges but the ‘water was TOO LOUD.’ She kept us moving across the bridges because she did not like the noise. But, she liked all the leaves and playing with Dad.

We spent almost all day outside and now we are all exhausted from all that fresh air! Hope you had a nice weekend.