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Snow this weekend?

28 Oct

There is a strange forecast that is calling for snow around here this weekend. I am not expecting a white Halloween but I guess it is possible. The tempertures have certainly dropped this week.

Speaking of Halloween, Miss H has been testing out her costumes all week. She is getting use out of the cat costume she refused to wear last year and this years lady bug ensemble. Today, was a lady bug kind of day.

Luckily, her best friend is a bumble bee.

They have mastered the whole ‘trick or treat,’ but not getting the concept that they have to wait until Monday to knock on the neighbors doors.

Miss H loooooooooooves our iPhones. Luckily, we have downloaded more educational games than Angry Birds.

I am not sure if we should be scared or impressed with her aptitude for using the mini-computer. She can easily scroll through pictures, launch the game she wants and adjust the sound. Now, if we could stop her from calling random people, we would be really impressed.

Sometimes she gets advice for Dad about which eyes, mouth, noseĀ and hat to put on the singing and dancing Elmo.

Keep warm this weekend!