Nice Weather Has Returned!

11 Oct

This weekend was so nice. And, it is even nicer that we have extended our holiday weekend to be four days! I know a majority of people I know do not get Columbus Day off but I love that my office follows the official government holidays.

Saturday morning, we headed to Falls Church to go to the Farmer’s Market and to Cherry Hill Park for ‘Farm Day.’ They had hay rides, pumpkin painting, blacksmith demo, ponies and a lot of space to just run around.

Miss H desperately wanted to be on the hay ride but there was a line so we had to wait two. whole. times. for. the. horses. to. loop. the. park. After she realized we were getting closer, she got very excited. The wait was totally worth it when we got to ride on the back and the horses ran through the back of the park. It was all very fun! Somehow, I got to sit in the hay and Kerry got to take the pictures.

One of the horses was named Kerry.

Miss H loved the horses. She wanted to take one home.

There was some fun music at Farm Day too. Miss H had fun dancing to some country music with the other kids.

It was a really nice little fall festival in Falls Church 🙂 We will definitely be going back to their Farmer’s Market soon.

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