I love when Monday is a holiday…

11 Oct

Columbus Day might not be the greatest of holidays but I sure like having a random Monday off from work! Our friends had a baby recently and we wanted to meet their new little guy so we headed into DC. Before swinging by their house, we decided to let Miss H run around for a bit in an attempt to burn off some energy.

Miss H wanted to feed the ducks the goldfish crackers. This resulted in a swarm of seagulls. These birds know what they are doing.

The birds swarming was very fun for Miss H and she just wanted to stay and feed them more crackers. We convinced her it would be fun to run to the car.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures at Brad and Rebecca’s house but trust me, he is an adorable baby! Congrats again!

One Response to “I love when Monday is a holiday…”

  1. Dr. Blondie October 12, 2011 at 12:23 pm #

    So nice to see you all! Thanks for coming over to visit and to meet our little guy.:)

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