A Funny Post About Our Attempt to Get Family Pictures

11 Oct

I had purchased a Living Social deal for Picture People a few weeks ago that we had booked an appointment to use on Sunday. We have had good luck with Picture People in the past and the price was really good. We invited Mom to come with us to get some family photos and we were all dressed nicely and ready for the camera. Miss H even picked out a dress to wear for the festivities.

We talked about getting pictures, the camera, the lights, about standing and smiling and it seemed we were all prepared. But, we were not prepared for the shelf of props that were in our little studio. I mean, who does not get so excited about a red adirondacks chair and a blue guitar?

Her eagle eyes spotted them on the shelf filled with pumpkins, stools, benches, red wagons, and a scarecrow. There was no turning back at this point. She wanted to sit on the red chair and play the guitar.

We tried everything to get a good picture but someone was not cooperating. The photographer did work some miracles and managed to get a photo of me, Kerry and Miss H where we were all smiling. But, the best picture was with the guitar and the red chair.


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