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Cox Farms!

11 Oct

Kerry and I took today off of work to extend our weekend. Neither of us have taken that much time off lately so we are trying to squeeze in days when we can. We decided to take Miss H to Cox Farms and it was fantastic!

I think the perfect time to go is during the week because it is really calm. Everyone tells us that the weekend can be mayhem and that is totally understandable given all the activities. We rode down many, many slides, took a hayride, played with some goats, milked a cow, tried to pet some chickens, climbed over hay bales and through hay bale tunnels. It was exhausting for all of us.

We saw dinosaurs, witches, a space ship, some aliens, a train, an elephant on our hay ride and it ended with a tunnel of bubbles and lights. I think the bubbles were the highlight.

The “BIG PIG” had a lot of babies.

We tried out a few of the slides next.

Then it was onto the huge slide. Miss H is at the very top. And, she wanted to go by herself.

Reluctantly, she agreed to go with Kerry on this one. She clapped and shrieked with excitement all the way down. Our little daredevil just wanted to go again. I think we went down every slide 5+ times and some were more like 10 times each.

Then, it was off to feed the goats. I loved that they gave you the goat food in an ice cream cone.

Then, Miss H and Kerry went in to see the goats up close. A swarm of goats this time.

I think Cox Farms might be our day after Columbus Day tradition 🙂

Miss H would like to go back tomorrow.

I love when Monday is a holiday…

11 Oct

Columbus Day might not be the greatest of holidays but I sure like having a random Monday off from work! Our friends had a baby recently and we wanted to meet their new little guy so we headed into DC. Before swinging by their house, we decided to let Miss H run around for a bit in an attempt to burn off some energy.

Miss H wanted to feed the ducks the goldfish crackers. This resulted in a swarm of seagulls. These birds know what they are doing.

The birds swarming was very fun for Miss H and she just wanted to stay and feed them more crackers. We convinced her it would be fun to run to the car.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures at Brad and Rebecca’s house but trust me, he is an adorable baby! Congrats again!