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Flu Shots, Ikea and Visitors

1 Oct

We started off this dreary Saturday with a trip to the doctor for family flu shots. I love that our pediatrician will take care of all of us in one visit. We talked about the shots on the way to the doctor and Miss H was naively excited about the prospect of a ‘SHOT! YEAH!’ After seeing several teary eyed kids leaving the doctor’s office, Kerry and I started to plot our plan about who would go first. Was it better for Miss H to go first and then she would be distracted by us getting shots or was it better for us to get the shots and show her that it was not a big deal? Well, after reading the information and answering some questions- it was determined that Kerry could get the flu mist but the rest of us had to get the shot. Miss H went first and she was so good! She watched the shot go in, made a little bit of a face and then it was over. We were both waiting for the protest or tears and neither happened. She watched me get my shot and Kerry get his mist and then told the nurse, “I want another shot!” The nurse just laughed and said, ‘That is the first time I have heard that today.’ We all laughed and then left the office but Miss H was a little disappointed she only got stickers at the front desk instead of another shot.

It has become clear lately that Miss H is not going to sleep in her toddler bed. She sleeps on the floor and she likes to sleep in our bed. So, in an attempt to get her to stop sneaking into our room, we decided to purchase a real full-size bed. And, if she still does not use it, at least we have a new bed for guests to use.


We made a trip to Ikea and found a nice bed that was fairly low to the floor. Miss H was impressed with the whole place.

Besides the new bed, we left Ikea with a stuffed mouse, stuffed soccer ball, train tracks and train, under bed storage bins and lunch. On the way home, we had to make a stop so Miss H could pick out her new comforter, sheets and pillows. She was very happy with the days purchases. I left Kerry at home to put together the bed and went to find a mattress.

Dad and Kathy’s trip plans changed a little and they arrived today. It was great to see them! And, we got to take advantage of their large truck 🙂 Before we had dinner, Dad earned his meal by helping Kerry get the mattress from the store and up the stairs!

We had a nice dinner and celebrated Kathy’s birthday with ice cream. Dad and Kathy spoiled Miss H with new clothes, felt food and new trains. And, now she is sleeping soundly on her new bed 🙂