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“Don’t lick the praying mantis!”

29 Sep

Yes, this sentence came out of my mouth. Not ten seconds before saying this, I was saying, ‘PUT THE DOG POOP DOWN!’

Miss H likes all kinds of bugs and she has to touch everything. It seems the bigger the bug the better. Since I am not a fan of any kind of bug, I am assuming she got this love from Kerry. There was a huge praying mantis on our door and her first thought was to give it a kiss. I guess she was welcoming it to the neighborhood. To my shock, the bug did not move but let Miss H get tongue onto her back. Yuck. Of course, I then had to make sure they were not poisonous.

Kerry and I often laugh about the things we talk about or say out loud. This ranks up there with the strangest.

And, staying on the topic of strange. Miss H has a new favorite spot to try and nap.