Back to Montpelier Farms

18 Sep

Last year, we went to Montpelier Farms and had a great time so we were excited when Aunt Leigh told us they had opened for the season. The weather was cool today (much different than the hot temps from last year) and it was perfect weather for an afternoon on the farm. Mom, Leigh, Kerry and I chased Miss H all over the farm.

Last years big hit was the ‘Korn Krib’ and this year, it has expanded in size and still a huge hit. (And, right next to the Korn Krib is the football lounge so Kerry could get caught up on the games.)

Kerry had fun driving around the track.

Then, Miss H discovered the giant slide. She is the small speck in the photo running towards the slide.

Now, there was a very clear sign saying that children under 3 had to be accompanied by an adult. This did not go over well at all. To give you audio for this picture, “I WANT TO GO BY MYSELF!! ALONE MOMMY!!!”

After this display, the nice girl watching over the slide told Miss H she could go by herself. Miss H told her, ‘I am three.’

She was so happy.

And, she went down the slide again, and again and again.

Kerry got a great picture of Leigh going down the slide.

We tried to get some family photos but someone was not cooperating. The corn was too much fun.

We had a great time and I will post more pictures tomorrow! Definitely recommend Montpelier Farms if you are looking for some fall fun.

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