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Halfway Through the Weekend Update

17 Sep

Somehow I never got around to updating the blog last weekend or last week but I can blame it on a few things. First, my company got acquired and I had to spend lots of time reading a packet of information from the Securities and Exchange Commission and more infomration from a bunch of attorneys about what all this means. Second, I started taking two classes at the University of Virginia in Information Technology and realized how much I did not miss doing homework. I have not cracked open a textbook since 1996 so this was a rude awakening. No textbooks this time, just one Kindle and several hundred dollars of boring material about XHTML, Java and other technology mumbo jumbo. Not to brag, but I did get 100% on my first two assignments. Third, I am having bad allergies combined with a cold and feel like total crud. So, there are my excuses.

We had a drastic drop in temperture this week and realized we really needed to get Miss H some new shoes because the flip flops were not going to keep her feet warm. We headed to the mall and were successful in finding very cute pink sneakers plus socks with the days of the week on the bottom. The highlight was the carousel that was right near the shoe store.

This was the highlight of the whole week. Miss H made two friends on the carousel and none of them were happy when their multiple rides were over and it was time to go home.

She was still talking about the carousel this morning so we decided to head downtown and see if the one was still open on the Mall. Luckily, it was! There were so many horses to choose from but Miss H finally picked the one she liked. This carousel was much cooler (and faster) than the one at the mall.

After the ride, we headed over to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs. These dinosaurs, unlike Dinosaur Land, were only bones and this was not what Miss H was expecting. She wanted ‘real dinosaurs,’ and then she got totally distracted by finding the restrooms. We did not need to use them but just check them out and make sure they worked. And, make certain there was somewhere to wash her hands. It was a relief to me that everything in the restroom was working. Just add this to the list of things I never knew I was going to have to worry about 🙂

We ran around the Mall some more and then headed home for pizza and a nap.