9 Sep

It has been quite a few weeks around here. Earthquake, hurricane, and now serious amount of rain and flooding. Here are some pictures.

We are doing well at our house- besides a little power and cable snafu last night. Luckily, everything returned before the start of the football game. Kerry was way more concerned about missing the game then he was about raining, flooding, possibly leaky skylights (still holding strong) and school closures.

Some of the streets near our house were closed due to standing water. The usually slow moving creeks and streams are now running very full, high and fast. And, one of those streams closed down the beltway last night.

Hope everyone is fairing well!

One Response to “Waterlogged”

  1. amanda September 13, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    So sorry you have had to endure so much! Hope everyone is safe and doing well!

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