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Potty Training Boot Camp

2 Sep

In July, friends of ours who have a daughter who is two months older than Miss H told us they had just finished the three day potty training boot camp and how it was a complete success. At that moment, Kerry decided that we would be doing this with Miss H on Labor Day weekend.

Well, here we are the Friday of Labor Day weekend and Day 1 of boot camp was pretty darn successful.

Now, Miss H has not always taken easily to things. The toddler bed conversion was a multi-stage disaster. Changing to the sippy cup required removing all bottles and everything associated with the bottles out of the house. She has worn the same pair of shoes everyday since April. She is very particular about most things so when Kerry decided we were just going to potty train her Labor Day weekend, I had my reservations.

But, somehow we have done this right. We started talking about it a few weeks ago. We stocked up on supplies. We made a huge deal about throwing all the diapers and wipes away.

Then, I went off to work and Kerry stayed home for Day 1. He has definitely received his ‘Father of the Year’ nomination. There were a few accidents but once she realized the day would be filled with endless quantities of juice and rewards, she learned very quickly.

So, wish us luck on Day 2. We are hoping to never, ever have to buy diapers again.