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“Don’t lick the praying mantis!”

29 Sep

Yes, this sentence came out of my mouth. Not ten seconds before saying this, I was saying, ‘PUT THE DOG POOP DOWN!’

Miss H likes all kinds of bugs and she has to touch everything. It seems the bigger the bug the better. Since I am not a fan of any kind of bug, I am assuming she got this love from Kerry. There was a huge praying mantis on our door and her first thought was to give it a kiss. I guess she was welcoming it to the neighborhood. To my shock, the bug did not move but let Miss H get tongue onto her back. Yuck. Of course, I then had to make sure they were not poisonous.

Kerry and I often laugh about the things we talk about or say out loud. This ranks up there with the strangest.

And, staying on the topic of strange. Miss H has a new favorite spot to try and nap.

More on sleeping…

23 Sep

As you know, the transition to the toddler bed was not an easy one for us but after several weeks, Miss H realized the crib was never coming back. Now, she has decided it is much better to create her own little nest and sleep on the floor. Kerry got a picture.

After laughing with many friends over the strange sleep habits of toddlers, we have learned this is perfectly normal.

And, she is sleeping and that is truly all we care about