Dinosaurs and Other Saturday Adventures

13 Aug

Since we were all up fairly early (well, Miss H was up early so we were up just after that because she loves to come into our room, pry my eyes open and announce she would like some oatmeal), we decided to head out to the Winchester area and visit Dinosaur Land.

Washingtonian Magazine mentioned this place in there recent day trips article and we both thought Miss H would get a kick-out of the large dinosaurs. This place is a total kitchy roadside attraction and Miss H had a blast. She is still talking about the ‘dine-O-sooooooooors.’ Besides dinosaurs, they had a large shark and a strangely huge pink octopus too.

Kerry tried to teach Miss H how dinosaurs growl and move around.

Miss H had fun visiting all the dinosaurs, snakes, and King Kong.

She really wanted to get King Kong’s plane.

We made two loops around the park (had to visit the shark again) and ended up asking another dinosaur enthusiast what else we should do with our time in Winchester. She suggested the Wilson’s Wild Animal Park. So, we finished running around the prehistoric forest and headed down the road.

The animal park was only a few miles away and Miss H was excited when we pulled in and saw the goats and sheep. She was slightly disappointed that we did not see any other dinosaurs.

We got to feed goats, deer and more goats. Plus, we saw baby potbelly pigs, camels, llamas, turtles, many birds, a few lemur, a big cat, a donkey, lots of emus, a bully of a turkey and a really big lion. Miss H loved them all! But it was most fun to feed the goats and wave at the baby pigs.

Miss H started asking for ‘pizza’ while we were at the animal park so we decided to let the trusty GPS find a place for us since we know nothing about Winchester or the surrounding area. It led us to Enrico’s Pizza and Subs and it was great! And, really cheap! So if you are in the Winchester area and want pizza, we have found the place for you. Plus, the staff was really nice and spoiled Miss H with an ice cream sandwich after she ate all her pizza.

Both Miss H and I fell asleep on the car ride home. I am sure she was dreaming of dinosaurs, lemurs and goats.

3 Responses to “Dinosaurs and Other Saturday Adventures”

  1. Penelope August 15, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    I’d love to take our son there if we were closer!


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