Staying at home….

3 Aug

Daycare was closed on Monday and Tuesday, so each of us took a day to stay at home with Miss H. Kerry got the first day and I took the second one. Kerry spent a lot of time playing with Play Dough because Miss H loves to make spaghetti (‘paghetti’) and ‘corn’. Hmmm you ask? We have the Play Dough Fun Factory and Confetti Maker- the Fun Factory makes spaghetti-like strands of Play Dough and the Confetti Maker makes small pieces that closely resemble corn kernels. Miss H could play with Play Dough ALL day. She loves to cook the spaghetti and the corn but they must be in two distinct pots. And, color mixing was once totally banned but this week it is now mandatory. Most of our colors now are blue.

Also, Kerry brought Miss H by my office, took her to his doctor’s appointment and out to lunch. Kerry was completely exhausted when I got home.

For my day, we went to visit Mom in Annapolis. Miss H was very excited to go to ‘grandmom’s house,’ and search for ‘Coco the cat.’ She never did find Coco but we had fun going shopping, making a trip to the mall play area and riding the train. Mom got roped into playing with the Play Dough too.

Miss H has been looking for a ‘dress with pockets,’ for weeks now and we found one at this cute store. When she started asking for a ‘dress with pockets’ it never really occurred to me that toddler dresses don’t have pockets and they are hard to find! Now, she has somewhere to store her rock collection. I will post pictures later this week.

The Annapolis Mall has a new-ish kids play area with a beach theme and it was a huge hit. Plus, the train at the mall is so exciting!

We made several attempts to find Coco. She was nowhere to be found. Now, Miss H has only seen Coco twice and both sighting were blurs of black fur running for dear life but she asks about her everytime we go to Annapolis.

Miss H got some new ‘cookies’ for her kitchen and we spent the remainder of the day stirring, baking and making sure the cookies were warm. It was a nice reprive from the Play Dough.

Miss H had so much fun that she wanted to ‘go back to grandmom’s house,’ today. We will return soon (and hunt for the elusive Coco again). Everything was back to normal schedules today.

One Response to “Staying at home….”

  1. Lila August 5, 2011 at 3:54 pm #

    Miss H is adorable – sweet post! Makes me remember my children’s younger days with fondness. Found you on SITS!

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