Monkey See, Monkey Do

13 Jul

Miss H started swimming lessons last weekend at a local indoor pool. The pool is pretty big and much to the delight of Kerry, there was a diving area. Three diving boards and 13 feet of water turn him back into a 10 year old. Kerry, not entirely thinking, decided to jump off the diving board before Miss H’s swimming lesson started. She thought it was so cool. Well, I am sure you see where this is going.

While some kids were struggling with the concept of getting in the water and some were content chasing the rubber ducks, our child wanted to go to the ‘other side.’ She wanted to go to the ‘other side,’ the entire time. Luckily, Kerry was the one in the pool with her so I could give him the ‘really dear you totally did this to yourself’ look from the sidelines.

She did participate, and enjoy most of the swim class. Much different than our first go round with swimming but that other side was calling the entire time. After her voice reached screaching levels, we decided to take her to the other side so the other parents did not have to hear her asking anymore.

Kerry willingly got back in and Miss H prevented him from drowning. Miss H wanted to go off the diving board but we decided to postpone that for at least a few weeks.

Hope everyone is having a nice week!

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