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Trip to Baltimore

2 Jul

We took a trip to Baltimore on Thursday to visit the National Aquarium and it was a fish load of fun 🙂


First, we started with one of the animal presentations and Miss H was thrilled to see the toads, frogs and salamanders. The parents were all taking a few steps back as the kids were all moving closer.

Then, it was on to see the dolphins. Kerry and I both laughed pretty hard when Miss H exclaimed, ‘whoa! BIG fish!’ when the first doplphin went racing by. We wanted to see the dolphin show but it was canceled.  Right next to the dolphins were the jellyfish. Not my favorite creature to encounter while swimming but they sure were pretty in their tanks.

Then, it was off to see ‘sharks’ and more ‘BIG fish.’ Plus, we got to see the divers feeding the stingrays and the sharks. It was hard to get a lot of pictures because of the darkness and Miss H trying to see everything up close. She wanted to ‘get in the pool,’ but we convinced her it was not like the pool at home.

After all the fish, turtles, toads, crocodiles, dolphins, jellyfish, puffins, sharks, stingrays, and squids- we headed outside to enjoy the nice weather. Miss H found a squirting goldfish in the gift shop and has been attached to it ever since.

After enjoying the Inner Harbor, we decided to be real tourists and eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. And, the food was actually really good!