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Hot as Hades

25 Jul

Seriously, it was so hot here this weekend that we did not even want to do anything. Saturday was a blazing 103 (heat index made it feel like 110ish). Then, Sunday cooled off to a balmy 95.

We spent a lot of time running errands in highly air-conditioned locations. Plus, it was cool enough to go to the pool around 4pm- and at this time the pool is partly in the shade.

Speaking of the pool, Miss H had another swim lesson this weekend. She would not get into the pool until the rubber ducks were nicely lined up on the side. If you know Kerry, this probably makes you laugh.

Miss H seems to have issue with her swimming class because it is not advanced enough. The class next to her class gets to use kickboards and water dumbbells. Her class sings songs and chases rubber ducks. She even loudly exclaimed that she does not want to ‘be in the baby class!’ She wants to ‘be in the kickboard class!’ Of course, I see her point but we are stuck in this class for now.

After swimming lessons we headed to the farmer’s market to load up on blueberries, blackberries, corn and cucumbers plus they were giving away balloon animals, flowers and swords. Her flower makes for a perfect hat.

To finish off the weekend, we headed to Bethesda for a friend’s 2nd birthday. The Cabin John Regional Park was a perfect location plus they have a train. It seems like all kiddos this age have an obsession with trains! This crew was not interested in cake, balloons or anything else party related- just the train. Miss H took charge and got everyone boarded with her ‘all aboard! Ready to go!’ The whole train was filled with the party-goers.

We rode on the caboose and Miss H is still talking about the train. In my 10+ years living in Bethesda, I never knew this park exsisted! But, I guess I never had reason to ride a train through a huge park and visit a really cool playground.

The birthday party was a lot of fun! The parents thought it was funny that there was very little interest in the cake but the cauliflower, carrots, celery and cucumbers were HUGE hits. I think Mss H ate enough veggies to fill her up for the rest of the month. After all this excitement, we were all exhausted.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Wicked Hot

21 Jul

I heard at least five Bostonians refer to the weather as ‘wicked hot,’ and I have to agree, it was pretty darn hot. However, upon my return to DC, it was even hotter here.

I left for Boston on Sunday for work but all the fun happened before I even made it to the airport. Most of you know that Kerry has had two back surgeries in less than a year but after a few rough months we both thought things were on the mend. Well, on Saturday he lifted Miss H up and felt a weird twinge in his back. Of course, I pestered him about the pain and did he need to call the doctor and did he need to go to the ER and all those other things. He thought I was crazy and said he would be fine. Sunday morning arrived and he could not get out of bed. My first phone call was to the airline to see if I could move my flight and after the nice reservation lady informed me that my ‘level’ of ticket could easily be changed, she then told me that there was no availability on any flights to Boston. Since Mom was traveling with me that took her out of the running to watch Miss H while Kerry went to the ER.

After a few panicked phone calls to Leigh and a few other friends, we had Miss H’s Sunday afternoon filled with playdates and fun. Then our wonderful daycare provider called us back and happily agreed to take Miss H for the day. We knew with Kerry leaving to go to the ER and Mom and I leaving for the airport that the only person she would not give a hard time to would be the person she spends the week with 🙂

Kerry got semi-fixed up at the ER, my flight left and arrived early and Miss H enjoyed an afternoon on the playground, her first visit to Subway and playing with playdough, markers, dress-up clothes and bubbles with her BFF.

I felt super guilty about leaving town but everyone seemed to survive. Some days it really takes a village 🙂

Boston is a great city and since Mom had never been, she decided to tag along and enjoy the sights while I worked.  Unfortunately, Boston was getting the same miserable heat that everyone else around here is getting. That did not stop Mom from touring around while I worked. She spent Monday touring around Boston plus visits to Cambridge, Concord and Lexington. Then on Tuesday, she headed out to Cape Cod for the day.

I did get to visit the Boston Museum of Fine Art and see the Chihuly exhibit and it was so cool.

We were all in awe of the size and fun of the glass artwork.

It was fun to watch everyone around us just smile and be delighted by the colors and shapes. Of course, now I am curious how they assemle and ship these pieces without thm chipping or breaking!

I would love to have one of his sketches!

Really close to the MFA is the Isabella Gardner Museum that is a pretty non-descript building from the outside with an incredible interior.



Besides the incredible courtyard throught the center of the building, there are three floors of artwork that ranges from Gothic to Italian Renaissance to Sargent. And, it is all being displayed how it was designed to be by the former home, museum and artwork owner.

So, if you are going to Boston anytime soon- add these two places to your list! And, if you want yummy Italian or Indian food, we found great places for that too! Gennaro’s at 5 North Sqaure in the Italian North End was delicious (and dessert super delicious) plus the service was fantastic. Then, we enjoyed Kashmir on Newbury Street.

I got back home last night and was happy to see Kerry and Miss H. Plus, Kerry is feeling better and Miss H was excited to tell me about her new shoes, her busy week and how ‘Mommy went to Boston.’

Now, if just needs to cool off.