A birthday, a business trip and a new ‘big tent’

16 Jun

It was my birthday recently and I was totally spoiled by everyone. Kerry and Hadley got me a really pretty bracelet plus new running shoes, a new running jacket and a plush new robe. Mom got me a pretty new dress and earrings. Leigh registered us for a knitting class. My friend Amy sent me some cool jewelry from her store. And, Dad and Kathy sent me a gift that should be here soon. I got cake and many well wishes at work. Plus, it was nice to hear from friends and family. I love when my birthday goes on for several days 🙂

The only bad part about my birthday was having to leave for a business trip to Philadelphia. The good part about this business trip was that it is an easy drive plus Mom decided to tag along and explore the city. We did have a nice dinner at Butcher & Singer with many of my co-workers (including one whom I share a birthday with). Mom enjoyed meeting everyone and the Baked Alaska birthday dessert was fun for everyone.

We stayed at a great hotel and Mom enjoyed touring the city while I was at work. Once my day was over, we did head to Jones for a great dinner. Kerry and I discovered this restaurant last summer on our trip and it was as yummy as I remember!

I had a morning break on Tuesday so Mom and I headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Chagall exhibit, plus some other works by Warhol, Calder, Monet, Johns, Pollock and Van Gogh. Of course, we had to pose with Rocky. (Terrible of me, eyes closed and everything but oh well). The museum was really nice and

While I was away, Kerry made some progress on our little sleeping issue. He got some help from the ‘big tent.’ The ‘big tent’ is actually fun to sleep in and it moves around the house with Miss H. It looks lovely in our living room.

So, that toddler bed we bought is proving pretty useless but if this tent works, we might be investing in a real tent to set-up in her room.

Miss H finally got some use out of the Halloween costume we bought 8 months ago. She had fun running around meowing and banging on pots and pans.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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