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Full Toddler Sentences

3 Jun

We have spent a lot of time at the pool this week and I am guessing it will be our second home this summer.

Miss H has really had a explosion of vocabulary in the last few months and now the sentences are really coming together. Some are pretty funny and she thinks if she just keeps repeating herself that we will eventually give in.

I want bath. Bubbles, with bubbles.”

“I need the pool. Go to the pool? Go to the pool?”

“Where did Daddy go?”

Also, she really likes to identify what belongs where and to whom.

“That’s daddy’s car.”

“Mommy’s towel.”

“My hat.”

“My cup.”

“My rocks.”

“My chair.”

Then if you ask her questions, she sometimes responds with surprising answers.

“Miss H, would you like dinner?”

“No, I want to go to the park. Park, now? Park, go play. Park, Mommy!”

How about dinner first?”

Okay. Pizza. Eggs. Cancakes.”

“You want pancakes for dinner?”

Cancakes. Cancakes! Cancakes!!”

“Miss H, what color is Daddy’s car”


“Are you sure it is green?”

“Yeah, Daddy’s car green”

“I think it is silver.”

“No, Mommy. Green.”

Miss H was trying to explain to her daycare provider that she had a new bed and she was not to fond of it. Her nice daycare provider asked, “Miss H, what happened to your crib?”

“Daddy took it.”

Might be the funniest statement of the week.